Performance sportswear brand Skins have launched a new campaign to reform football club ownership and management.

Fans Not Numbers intends to mobilise people from the world of football – whether supporters, owners or professionals within the game – and lobby the government to put in place the legislative powers required for the FA to implement better governance around club ownership and management. This follows high-profile instances of football club owners running their clubs in ways that can be seen as detrimental to the long-term future of the club, its supporters, their communities and, ultimately, football.

The campaign, developed in partnership with Supporter’s Direct and Sporf, launched this week with the first in a series of regional roadshows encompassing some of the most affected clubs in order to highlight the issues and to start the debate. Each roadshow, coordinated and publicised by Lyndcroft Media,  will have a panel of informed people from the worlds of sport, politics and business and supporters are welcome to attend these free events and to contribute to the reshaping of football’s future.

These roadshows are supported by a launch film that dramatises the issue and asks fans to ‘Rise Up’, directing them to a microsite where they can automatically generate an email to their local MP in support of the initiative. The website also contains an extensive report, authored by Supporter’s Direct, outlining the issues and impact of the lack of regulation as well as comprehensive recommendations for reform.