Anti doping campaign word tour with SKINS; including itinerary creation and on-location management.

Canadian athlete Ben Johnson, was acknowledged as the most notorious drugs cheat in Olympic history. In 2013, Johnson embarked on a world tour as a SKINS’ ambassador to promote a month-long anti-doping campaign.

With Johnson and SKINS’ Chairman, Jaimie Fuller as the main focus, the tour encompassed six countries and Lyndcroft personnel created a full media strategy which was rolled out in England, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

The event required a long-term planning process which included regular liaison with representatives and support staff in all countries. International media events were attended by high profile local supporters and featured full media output from all venues.

Extensive coverage was received in all countries visited and the SKINS name was associated with an anti-doping campaign that resonated across the globe.