I read an article recently that suggested by 2020, customers will be handling 85% of their business relationships without ever interacting with a human being.  I found this difficult to believe (and a little hard to swallow) but then thought about all the things I have already automated in my life.

If giving people options is critical to success and customer retention is completely incumbent upon satisfaction, you need the right tools and the knowledge of what they can do.  You really can’t reach everyone, all day, every day. That’s what robots are for.

Marketing automation solutions have become an integral part of a marketer’s tool kit.

Marketing automation is often considered to be synonymous with either email marketing or CRM, but it is so much more than that.  I regard it as a technical discipline that can automate a lot of your marketing activities and processes which, if done properly, will increase your productivity.

However, no two marketing automation solutions are the same. Each has a different set of features that caters to different industries and company sizes.

By automating your marketing processes and managing them through a single marketing and sales platform, businesses get full visibility of all their Customers “end to end”​ journeys from initial contact, nurturing, conversion, sales and after sale care.

With Marketing Automation, businesses understand true ROI on their marketing activities, achieve better focus and concentrate on what works.  With more effective lead nurturing they see higher volume, better quality leads that convert to bigger margin sales.

Companies that succeed with marketing automation tend to partner with classically trained marketers and personalisation experts, according to research from Gartner, through on-the-job training and tasks.

Lyndcroft Media can help you assess and determine the right Marketing Automation platform for your business. Our experienced implementation team will provide support to setup and equip your business to ensure you get the best returns from your solution.  We here to help you fill the gaps for when you are unavailable or simply stretched too thin.