These days, sponsors want a ‘bang for their buck’ like never before. Securing value within your database is the perfect platform from which to provide it.

Mapping, targetting, loyalty.

These are all words that will probably be music to a sponsor’s ears and keywords you will hear us talk about. But they come together naturally, as both words and services, when considering relationships with, and opportunities for, sponsors.

The days of shaking hands on a commercial deal and then simply wearing the shirt or diligently organising the pitch sideboards until it’s time to re-negotiate are long gone. Commercial partners now want to leverage every ounce of opportunity and the products, services and methods Lyndcroft Media provide will assist in that process.

Sponsorship activation works for a club in two ways. It provides an alternative, even fresh opportunity to engage with a supporter base but conducted properly, it increases the possibility of longer-term commercial relationships that grow and become more efficient and mutually beneficial as a consequence. Naturally, there will probably come a time when a sponsor decides that their targets have been achieved, but with a planned and disciplined approach throughout the lifetime of an association, that moment could be later rather than sooner.

Data sits at the heart of the process.

The supporter journey and the value of the data being captured is emphasised through the different methods, opportunities and practices that we advocate. The focus with all aspects should be on targeted and responsible selling but with affiliate programmes, it’s about relationship building and synergy. Selling to identified groups may be at the end of the timeline, but the sponsors’ ‘bang for their buck’ starts with awareness.

The ability to build profiles has been advocated elsewhere on this site and I have talked specifically about the opportunities that social media can add to the mix too.

The virtue of pulling data from outside sources effectively widens the net and the vastly different products that affiliates are offering will benefit from this approach. There will be groups for whom a sponsor’s wares are more appropriate than others and suddenly, the sponsor becomes something more than ‘just a name on a shirt’ to a supporter.  The fan becomes immersed in the partnership and clubs have a natural commercial partner rather than a one-dimensional, corporate benefactor.

This is all perfect material for loyalty programmes too.

Associated product offers can be used to incentivise supporters and further increase sponsor immersion and visibility. Variation and depth creates a stronger and more attractive Loyalty Programme and a stronger – and hence more attractive – Loyalty Programme increases the options for greater variation and depth.

Sponsorship is now about a return on investment or all parties. It is a journey on which every step is important. It is no longer possible to say ‘thank you for the cheque’ on day one and ‘it’s been nice knowing you’ when the contract finishes. (Well, actually it is, just don’t bank on the relationship being particularly memorable.)