Personalisation within a consumer-focused communications’ programme, has become a fundamental segment of the digital economy.  At Lyndcroft Media we regard it as a technical discipline with knowledge at its core. It takes communication away from generic media platforms and drops it in your own front room.

In the past, technology restricted customer identification to simple cluster demographics and basic segmentation using elements such as age or location. These days, the ability to observe behavioural patterns, use comprehensive profiling and even analyse social media interaction, creates a granular level of valuable detail.

When all elements are combined, the results can be used to produce relevant, personalised and valued content for individuals.

As customers demand a more sophisticated level of interaction, personalisation has become an increasing necessity if businesses are to prosper within the digital economy.

The data created by a programme focused on personalisation, produces unprecedented visibility into customer behaviour.

When executed correctly, businesses reap the benefits of aligned sales, service and marketing initiatives together with an increased understanding of the effects of campaigns in all commercial areas.

Lyndcroft Media integrates and aligns customer relationship processes and deploys relevant campaigning that demonstrates positive ROI.

Our role is to ensure a communications’ programme is designed to recognise customers as people and enable the messenger to interact with them as individuals.

Collective loyalty to a brand, product or service may be a common link for those on your database, but understanding an individual’s personal preferences is the key to enriched customer relationships.

Phil Smith

Is a Partner at Lyndcroft Media

Phil provides strategic and executable planning on consumer and stakeholder targeted marketing initiatives incorporating data management and implementation, brand focus and product positioning across the sports and commercial sectors.