McDonald’s is a prominent sponsor of high profile sporting events, seen by millions of people all over the world.

Whilst being a key brand building exercise, its involvement with sports, including its role as the Official Community Partner of The Football Association since 2002, is also about connecting with franchise owners and staff: empowering them to engage with grass roots sport participants.

In 2013 McDonald’s initiated a review to evaluate their current UK community football sponsorship programme and determine their partnership portfolio for the future. The process was achieved by blending a range of resources internally and with existing agencies.  Specific industry experience was provided by Lyndcroft co-founder Phil Smith.

The work started with an in depth assessment of thoughts and beliefs of key stakeholders, franchises and grass roots benefactors.  This was supported by a comprehensive appraisal of the football sponsorship situation that included a review of community focused sponsorship trends,  a summary of the grass roots sponsorship structure within each of the home nations governing bodies, along with competitors activities and commitments.

Having set the scene we evaluated alternative properties and rights structures within football, established potential changes to existing partnerships, looked at alternatives versus proposals and suggested amendments that could be made to future relationships.

The interpretation of these activities, fused with output from internal objective setting, resulted in the creation and delivery of a comprehensive set of recommendations used by McDonald’s to conduct the renegotiation process.