It’s time to get your new-year campaigns in shape

I recently read a piece in a weekend newspaper that suggested the more savvy amongst us are actually beginning their new year’s personal fitness revolution NOW.  

Basically, the idea is that It makes sense to begin a new regime before the festivities so that Christmas indulgences are gently counter-balanced in real-time. On reflection, it’s a far better approach than aggressively attacking the over-indulgence with completely unsustainable vigour in January.   

My immediate reaction to the article was to apply the same logic to business. The analogy with your own professional life is surely clear and the question obvious.  

Be honest…

Are you preparing January projects now so the party season can be enjoyed without any feeling of guilt for a campaign left unprepared? Or, will you forego that important touch of foresight, hit the eggnog full on and effectively submit yourself to painful, mistake-laden catch-up when the new year dawns and you have two weeks of project work to do in three days?  

How many of us want to sit down over the holiday period, worrying that the prep ignored in December now leaves you with Creation, Delivery AND Execution to finalise before the last of the turkey curry is in the bin? (or the dog)  

Wouldn’t it be better if you sat down at the last-chance saloon right now and considered what January holds? Then you can plan and prepare in such a way that a full-on party season isn’t going to leave you sweating over Christmas? 

Anna Hart’s recent piece on personal fitness and self-care in The Sunday Telegraph (online ‘Premium’) said that taking steps now will help prevent this month from becoming one which simply ‘happens’. She added that: “It’s important to reclaim the month by thinking about what you want to achieve before the end of the year.” 

Who can disagree with such sentiment, irrespective of whether it’s applied to fitness or business?  

There’s no suggestion here that personal health and well-being isn’t important (it is) but for just about every project planner on a tight, January turnaround, the gym or jogging track can wait a bit, but the board of directors’ new-year strategy simply cannot. 

Be Prepared…

So, before you effect your own pre-festive slowdown, consider putting together your business project fitness plan before it’s too late. If you’ve already done it, well done you!

For those who haven’t, (you’re still reading aren’t you?) there certainly isn’t much time. Surely though, it’s better to attack it all now rather than having previously unattended work plans bouncing around in your head just when you should be concentrating on where the gift receipt is for the Grandma’s slippers?  

It doesn’t matter whether you organise it through an agency, (hey, we’re here to help!) use support from within or get stuck in yourself. Leaving the office for that final time before the Christmas break with a definite plan of action already tucked in the drawer will mean the laptop can stay in its bag over the holidays. If done, your business fitness plan will be firmly on track and just like those paragons of personal fitness virtue Anna Hart describes, you can avoid the January panic. 

Author’s Note: At Lyndcroft Media we’re here to help. But be aware that an organised approach will leave you with no excuse to disappear from the family’s grasp when the brussels sprouts begin to work their magic on Grandad or the ‘Emmerdale’ Christmas Special is on the telly.