Investment in personalisation results in both qualitative and quantitative benefits which are proportional to input and industry positioning. The benefits that accrue, are among the most important factors in meeting the CRM objectives of any company in acquiring, developing and retaining customers.

Today, consumers are prepared to share more information about their lifestyle choices than ever before and that means every consumer facing business is able to engage with its audience on an informed basis.

Organisations can do more to communicate on a personal level and according to Adobe, while 76% of marketers believed their company required a digital strategy to succeed, 91% weren’t sure if theirs was working.*

Personalisation delivers knowledge and transparency. It enhances customer profiling and creates a level of data which improves campaign accountability. Furthermore, it offers greater relevance to onward campaign planning and takes consumer relationships to a superior level.

A programme of positive change makes informed, personal communication possible through executable tactical plans which ultimately create:

  • Enriched customer relationships
  • Long-term value
  • Demonstrable ROI

*Adobe Digital Distress Survey 2013.

Phil Smith

Is a Partner at Lyndcroft Media

Phil provides strategic and executable planning on consumer and stakeholder targeted marketing initiatives incorporating data management and implementation, brand focus and product positioning across the sports and commercial sectors.