Personalisation is a specific element of supporter relationship management. SRM itself is a business strategy for managing the recruitment, development and retention of customers in order to achieve long term value and benefits in a two-way relationship.

Personalisation creates:

  • Improved understanding of customer behaviour and preference
  • Qualitative and quantitative results
  • Heightened customer engagement and driven revenue
  • Tangible data metrics for accurate reporting and forward planning

A strategically planned personalisation programme allows the user to gain unprecedented visibility into customer behaviour. When executed comprehensively, consistently and accurately, companies reap the benefits of aligned sales, service and marketing initiatives and an increased understanding of the effects of campaigns.

Better data is valuable data. Campaigns delivered using profiled data provide better ROI and a greater appreciation of future opportunities and targets. Engaging with your audience on a consistent and respectful basis is a challenge but it’s also an opportunity.

 When executed efficiently, Personalisation magnifies the propensity to purchase and instils the desire to engage.

Preference management is a powerful mechanism. Explicitly shared customer needs and interests deliver a “right place, right time, right message” approach to outward communications.

Phil Smith

Is a Partner at Lyndcroft Media

Phil provides strategic and executable planning on consumer and stakeholder targeted marketing initiatives incorporating data management and implementation, brand focus and product positioning across the sports and commercial sectors.