Every consumer facing business has the ability to engage with its audience on an informed basis but communicating on a wholly personal level is a valuable asset.

Lyndcroft conducts programmes that make it possible.

 We create and execute tactical plans for businesses and associations requiring a successful approach to retaining and nurturing customers.

The vast majority of commercial organisations are already fully aware of the benefits of personalisation. They know that personalising their brand touch points with customers makes for a better experience. Why therefore wouldn’t you make it as personal as possible?

Research by Adobe shows that 74% of marketers know personalisation increases customer engagement.  Curiously then, the same study highlighted that only 19% of marketers are actually using personalisation methods.

Lyndcroft positions the customer as the focus of every decision and by personalising the customer’s experience for our partners and their brands, we create demonstrable benefit for those at the centre of customer relationship management.

Phil Mepham

is a Partner at Lyndcroft Media

Dealing directly with FIFA and its most senior administrators, operating amidst the media frenzy of Premier League football and presenting live television are all experiences which illustrate Phil’s ability to identify communications opportunities and recognise potential issues, traps and consequences.

Phil provides executive counsel and practical guidance on areas such personal profiling and crisis management to both individuals and commercial organisations and also works with consumer brands to produce product and service campaigns on both B2B and B2.