Lalit Modi is the man responsible for the creation of cricket’s Indian Premier League (IPL)

The personal requirement was for a long-term strategy of profile building after he was forced into exile in London by actions taken by India’s Cricket Board the BCCI. A robust challenge was created and activated against the stated reasons for his removal as Chairman of the IPL and was conducted against the backdrop of international legal actions and even threats to the life of himself and his family.

Working directly with Lalit as part of his team of advisors, we were responsible for an international programme that encompassed both the sporting and legal issues in the UK and India.

Fierce rebuttal of unsubstantiated accusations and strategically positioned innuendo was regularly required with media houses in Europe and Asia. In addition, the ongoing creation of a forceful narrative to global media, including high-end international lifestyle titles, was positioned alongside legal actions in the UK and India. The project stabilised and re-built the credibility of a sports administrator who remains a hero to millions of cricket fans in India.