Lalit Modi was Vice President of the India’s national Cricket Board. While in office, he created the Indian Premier League (IPL) and consequently, became the league’s Chairman and Commissioner.

But his success generated a stream of aggressive detractors whose pursuance of him forced him into exile in London to fight unsubstantiated claims of irregularity that were brought through India’s complex legal system, but never formally pursued or proven.

Before a public profiling campaign to redress long-term reputation could be activated, we worked with Lalit’s team of advisors and Indian-based legal counsel to address the legal crisis at a PR level.

Legal challenges and courtroom rebuttals in India were supported by the presentation of documented and corroborating fact for use by media in both Europe and Asia. Clear rebuttal information was also made available online and a series of open letters and response blogs established a direct relationship and unequivocal, fact-focused dialogue with cricket fans across the world.

This was supported by regular briefings with international media titles and was latterly supplemented by profiling outreach which began to re-build Lalit’s reputation as an international businessman.