Blueheath was the first ever Internet-enabled grocery wholesaler for the £23 billion independent sector. The Blueheath business was founded on one simple principle: stripping out unnecessary supply chain costs to pass on the benefits to independent retailers. To deliver these benefits, Blueheath created the UK’s first stockless just-in-time distribution system for the independent sector. With no held stock, no cash & carry depots and using spare vehicle fleet capacity, Blueheath operated more efficiently than existing wholesalers, and passed these benefits directly on to its customers.

Phil Smith was a founder member the award-winning start up wholesale business that was floated on the Alternative Investment Market.  As a founder member of the management team, Phil was responsible for building the business from proof of concept to national force in the retail sector in just three years.

Blueheath was listed on AIM in 2004 and had grown revenues to £140M before being acquired in a reverse takeover by Booker Group plc, the UK’s leading foodservice wholesaler, in 2007.